And the space race officially started.

SpaceX has made history by becoming the first private company to send humans into orbit. It looks like a new spacecraft into orbit, but it is much more. For some time now, private companies have been carrying out a somewhat intense activity when it comes to putting satellites into orbit. This time we are facing something very different.

Why is this fact so relevant? From my point of view, the space race is finally opening at a delicate moment. In the post-covid era, where public resources are going to be very limited, public-private interaction is going to be more relevant than ever. If it also allows the creation of a new industry barely developed, and that can foster healthy competition between world powers, things become even more exciting. Mr. Trump America’s First has its perfect definition; an American company, Space X, joining forces with an American state company, NASA, launching the spacecraft from America’s soil in Cape Canaveral, Florida (America again). I foresee a new and exciting new “war” that would end up being very positive for humanity in terms of investment, employment and development, and, much more, in illusion. The America First will be followed by a China First, a Russia First, and hopefully, a Europe First, as space is a symbol of proudness.

It is also essential at the industrial level. Companies like Boeing or Airbus and hundreds of satellite companies are at a dead end. With the planes on the ground and dozens of orders canceled, its industrial operation, its technology, and its engineers are in a limited situation. This new space race can be incredibly promising and entirely possible. Do not forget that SpaceX is practically a startup compared to these monsters and has achieved great things in a short time.

No, this is not one more launch of a spacecraft; this is the real beginning of the space conquest. Unfortunately, my eyes will not see the first human on Mars as my parents and grandparents did that of the moon, but my children probably will. What I will see today are new jobs, new startups, new technology, and a considerable amount of money entering a new industry.

The world should be grateful to people such as Elon Musk when politicians are lost in their contradictions. Unfortunately, we need more Elon. Imagine how 4 or 5 of these guys can do in solving issues such as Climate Change, Medicine, Education, transforming industries, and not putting patches or giving speeches.


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